About Us

What is Noke Codes?

Noke Codes is a civic-minded technology organization aimed at building a stronger community here in the Roanoke Valley through technology. We want to celebrate the technical capacity of our community while also striving to make it even better. We work to see technology leveraged in a way that allows all of the area’s residents to benefit from the opportunities it provides.

Our Mission:
Noke Codes is a tech focused organization that provides platforms connecting and educating Roanoke and its Citizens with innovative opportunities.

Our Vision:
Roanoke is a growing, connected community that effectively utilizes technology.

What do we do?

We host an annual Civic Hackathon where we aim to help area organizations and governments by connecting them with talented local technologists for a marathon session of problem-solving and programming. This is a really fun event and has been a cornerstone of our work from the beginning.

Additionally, we offer educational opportunities for area organizations about how they can better utilize technology to achieve their mission. We are always trying to expand our offerings here and reach more people and organizations.

Lastly, we are actively working to create more educational opportunities for people throughout the region. One of our goals is to grow the number of talented technologists in the area and we believe we can help with this through educational offerings. We hope to share some such offerings with the community soon. So stay tuned!We are always looking for new ways that technology can be used to benefit our community. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please reach out!

What are you waiting for?

Technology isn’t the answer to every problem, but when applied to the right problems, mountains get moved. We know our town has talent. We also know that some of our most important local service providers have technical needs that they do not have the resources to address. By focusing our efforts on high-impact organizations with challenging problems we can move the needle in the right direction for the organizations, for the talent, and for the community.

Get in touch and be part of creating change in Roanoke!